1. Fake AF

Prod. by Tru3ontheTrack


Yo I am who I am, I don't change it
I'll never rearrange it, I never been a basic
I'll always be the same, shit I'll always be myself
Why would I change if you ain't offering no help
And that's the cost of doing business
But y'all ain't on my gift list
I don't see you every Christmas
I don't really see the point
I really need a joint every time I see you
I just really be annoyed look
I'm sick of drama from mamas and fathers
Acting like they got an impostor and they are not to be bothered
Yo, I'm sick of cops and the robbers who's only option is commerce

Yo i'm sick of people playing games
I could leave you all in shame
I been hustling since I was fuckin filling cellophane
Get it straight, what the fuck you wanna know about me man
Don't be coming at me holding out your hands
Don't be hitting up my DM's in the AM or the PM
Asking me to make a beat cuz I'ma act like I don't see 'em
I'ma act like I don't see the shit
Leave it never read it so you know just what demeaning is
I said you know what just demeaning is
I'm sick of always having to repeat to you geniuses
A bunch of impostors and undercover monsters
All about the drugs before they run to they sponsors
I bet they laughing while you packing in to all of they concerts
Don't believe me
Pick any festival and check the roster
You'll probably find a bunch of pill poppers
Who get prescriptions from they doctors
For any kind of illness they can think of
And they fill them to the brink
And get to partying and drinking
Unless your name is Future
Then you only make them think it
Like half the rappers out
Who be claiming independent
If I said it then I meant it, every sentence
I'm expressing my intentions
Every time I say something I expect an intervention
But I don't care what you think of me
Not comparing our victories
I don't care for your sympathy or ya feels
You apparently missing me
I been fairly specific see
You just rarely be listening on the real
And I'm very ambitious when I experiment with it
So I'm prepared for a visit from all the parents and critics
And all the other fuckin people who can barely get it yo
I'm done